About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team of project managers, developers, marketing specialists and passionate entrepreneurs. In some cases we offer pro-bono work or sweat equity work and of course we are happy to work with more traditional contract/payment structures as well.

Our Vision

We strive to work with small businesses who are looking to grow their footprint and are not quite sure how.


Break the Mold

Working for small or family owned businesses is what drives us. We understand that access to capital and infrastructure often times limits a small business on how they go to market. For these reasons, we understand the importance of offering a flexible yet reliable solution at a competitive cost.


Bridge the Gap

Coming up with unique solutions for problems faced by small businesses is a passion of ours. Every small business faces their own challenges when it comes to moving into the forefront of their industry. Bivium Software thrives on helping businesses overcome those challenges.

Get In Touch

Fill out the form below with any questions, comments or concerns and will we be happy to respond.