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marketing strategies

New vs Old Marketing Strategies

Lets review the differences between some of the older traditional marketing strategies and some new best practices for small business marketing. There are always new methodologies coming out for how to approach target markets. We will review just a few of those strategies in this article. Reach out to us with any questions or to have a more indepth discussion.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is what we will refer to as "old" marketing strategies.

“Pushing” products or services onto customers. Often seen as harassment by end users because they did not ask about getting information on the product or service.

Seeking customers through traditional methods like TV, radio, print media, cold calls or banner advertising

Chasing occurs when the marketer or the company provides little to no value to the customer beyond a sales pitch. Leads to lack of engagement.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Often the mind set becomes quantity over quality.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is what we will refer to as "new" marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing is focused on getting “found” by the customer instead of pushing your content in front of them.

Communication in a marketing sense should be interactive and two-ways. Customers should be able to communicate with the company instead of just receiving marketing pitches.

Provide customers with knowledge and education on the topics they are searching for via search engines. Educating a customer leads to a more captive audience rather than just chasing them.

Marketing strategies are not set it and forget it structures. Constant review of the strategy and the ability to make changes if needed is vital to marketing success.

Building A Strategy

Where to start:

A marketing stragey has to be flexible and fluid. Referring to marketing strategies as “old” does not mean that they are non-functional. The best strategy would be to employ a little bit of the old and new stratgeies as a hybrid structure.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us and lets discuss your questions, comments or concerns ,with no obligation.

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