Small Business Spotlight – Tri-Lift NC Inc

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Small Business Spotlight

Your Material Handling Equipment Specialists

Award winning

Tri-Lift has been recognized as a top-performing dealer for decades.

Technology driven

State of the art facilities helps Tri-Lift bring top-notch service to their customers.

Big investment

Tri-Lift invests in people, technology, and infrastructure to make sure they meet all market needs.

Business strategy

Strategic fleet management by Tri-Lift can drive effectiveness and efficiency on all levels.


Tri-Lift's material handling specialists have deceades of institutional knowledge to share with their customers.

Time management

Unique billing and flexible time schedules allow Tri-Lift customers to get a leg up on fleet maintenance cost exposure.

Tri-Lift NC Inc Services

New/Used/Rental Equipment

Buy, lease, finance, or rental equipment from Tri-Lift. Over $1,000,000 in new/used equipment inventory and 300+ pieces of rental equipment in the Tri-Lift rental fleet.

Flexible Payment Terms

Setting up a customer account with Tri-Lift provides flexible payment options. Payment flexibility from Tri-Lift makes it so managing cash flow for your small business is easier.

Statistical analysis

Fleet management on a whole new level. Tri-Lift can help manage your industrial equipment fleet so you can focus on your business, not your equipment.

Don't forget about Training!

Tri-Lift NC Inc has an OSHA certified trainer on staff to support all equipment training needs.

Forklift Operator training classes in North Carolina

The Forklift operator training is essential to complete for anyone willing to work as a forklift operator. Forklift operator training is the foundation for anyone working in the material handling applications industry. Lack of proper forklift Operator training can enhance the chances of accidents and injuries manifolds. This Forklift Operator Training covers all the basic aspects of the forklift’s operator job, such as the forklift engineering principles, various safe operating procedures, and the details of the ongoing maintenance forklifts.

Tri-Lift offers the best Forklift Operator training classes in North Carolina. We are committed to offering our customers a full range of OSHA complied training modules, including the Forklift Safety, Forklift battery safety, and related products. Our training classes in North Carolina offer “factory Certified” forklift training with professional and qualified trainers covering every single brand we deal with. Our safety professionals are fully equipped to conduct a material handling safety survey of the client’s operation and provide a detailed safety proposal.

Salient features of our Forklift Operator training

Since the major part of the forklift operator’s job lies in moving the material efficiently and quickly, the person operating a forklift must be thoroughly trained and authorized to ensure safety and smooth operations. Below are the salient features of Tri-lift Forklift Operator training classes in North Carolina:

  • Safety commitment

Our training classes ensure that the operator is fully equipped with the skills and resources to safely conduct the forklifts. The training module ensures to make the forklift driver exceptionally detail-oriented and agile. The operator, post the training, can focus on the smallest of details to ensure the safety of the self and the co-workers.

  • Comprehensive training

Our Forklift operator training classes in North Carolina are designed to instill a range of comprehensive candidate skills, such as overall factory operations, warehouse management, Pedestrian Training, and other essential skills such as proper battery inspection and watering, and charging techniques, etc. We ensure to train the individuals in various aspects of forklift handling such as forklift safety, OSHA regulation, equipment handling, etc.  Furthermore, Forklift Operator training classes in North Carolina provide intensive training to the operators on forklift maintenance and inspection. The areas covered are refueling techniques and basic troubleshooting of the forklifts in the case of emergencies.

  • Deal with multiple brands

We provide training in handling the many types of forklifts from multiple brands being used in various industries.

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